We are finding more men than ever are concerned with unwanted hair, not just content in booking in for their annual pre holiday back wax. A desire to get rid of most of their body hair in a more permanent way.

Men seemed to have replaced their body hair for their love of facial hair instead with funky with well groomed beards.

Long gone are the days when a hairy chest was seen as a sign of masculinity, smoother hair free bodies definitely seem to resemble a more modern man.

Why invest in Laser hair removal?
Just think no more painful waxing, in growing hairs, razer burns and cuts from shaving daily.
It’s such an easy process. Laser hair removal is virtually pain free, it takes between 6-8 sessions.  The reduction of hair is seen after each session.

What do I need to do to book a Laser Course?
For further information on our Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal system call us at the salon on 0121 744 0121. We will arrange a consultation and patch test to make sure your suitable to have laser. Then we can arrange your first laser treatment as soon as 24 hours later. – We look forward to seeing you in salon soon.